Muladhara - an introspective piece on grounding & self reflection

The chakra system can be described as a blueprint to the layers of our energetic body. It explains the physical, emotional, & spiritual consciousness that everyone has within. Each of the 7 chakras holds a specific function & has its own attributes. Out of the 7 pictured below, the first 3 characterizes our humanity & the life experiences that come with being human, the 4th characterizes transmutation, inner guidance, & the heart space, and the upper 3 characterizes the spirit or higher consciousness.


image of the 7 chakras in the body by Hawraa A on Pinterest
Art by Hawraa A via Pinterest
  Muladhara is the Sanskrit word for the Root Chakra - also known as the first chakra. Its element is earth & its color codes are red & black. On our physical bodies, this energy center is located at the base of the spine & soles of the feet - symbolizing the need to ground and understand what it means to be rooted.


It is about our basic needs, connection, and healthy attachment.


Some of the main attributes connected to the root are instincts and habits developed for survival; the relationship with we hold with our physicality; the ego; and the condition of our conscious mind & day to day, present thoughts. This chakra is about stability, foundation, nourishment, sustenance, & resources/abundance versus scarcity & being in a state of competition. It’s also about ancestry & lineage, DNA, understanding your roots literally, & belonging to self/a community/family.
The spectrum of emotions in relation to the root chakra range from feelings of trust, security, safety, protection, feeling supported, and the ability to be present in the here and now - to feelings of fear, abandonment, feeling grounded to the point of complacency, or living in a constant state of survival mode.


The attributes mentioned above & the emotions that govern this energy center tie directly into each other. I'll list some examples:
Living through unstable times like the one being lived out right now, can encourage innovation or survival mode.
Being supported with resources whether it be material or mental resources, can create stability & foundation to do more.
Having a connection to family or a community where similar values are held can provide a sense of belonging.
One of the basic needs of every physical being is nourishment and sustenance.


Balance & The Collection
The production of Muladhara - the F/W ‘21 collection duals as an embodiment of hues related to the color code & it also is a reflection of the themes that I personally work through in relation to my root chakra. Some things that came up for me while creating was being unafraid to ask for support exactly where I needed it, in order to grow creatively; Shaping my days around the answer to “what makes me feel grounded?” Whether it be a routine, or isolated activities like playing a song, drinking tea, eating a hearty meal, going for a walk, cleaning my home, or being in and surrounded by nature.
The chakra system is a great tool that invites balance, by guiding anyone to where most of their own energy is spent thinking about or tending to. In some instances, it can be used to narrow down topics one would like to explore on their own or with a therapist. If you feel led to, use the prompts at the end of this blog to journal, engage with, & familiarize yourself with your own root chakra energy.


Prompts to Journal or Think About
What is one way your survival instincts led to your ability to be inventive or innovative?
What are some things that make you feel grounded?
What is one fear that you desire to face in order to grow?
What is something that you need in order to feel safe & supported?
What is one skill of yours that you can offer as a service to your community? 
What is your relationship with your body? How do you connect to it?
What was the last form of sustenance and nourishment that you gave to your body?
As an ancestor, what gifts/strengths do you contribute? What guidance? 

In what way can I be more present in the here & now? What aspect of the past do I want to stop reliving?
These prompts can be answered in thought, or through journaling. They are designed to guide yourself into self introspection, awareness, & transformation - specifically for the root chakra.

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