The Art of Resourcefulness

Upcycled denim backdrop designed by Uchechi - owner of Weaving Artisan
(Image: Uchechi captured in her home studio)
There are more brilliant ideas stored in the minds of Black people, than how many people exist in the entire world. I’ve noticed in myself that ideas can get stuck in the planning phase in the mind for a few reasons. The most apparent reason being a lack of accessible resources and the perception that this is an automatic disadvantage. Other reasons that I’ve personally experienced ideas not manifest from thought to physical have been a lack of self-belief, a lack of action on what I’ve felt, or a lack of imagination. It is the responsibility of a creator to create - and all things can be created.


Black people have an innate creative ability & a genius within. The goal is not to create tangible results overnight, but to be led by your next inspirations that align with your ideas. The way this universe works is that anything you imagine, instantly sets motion to that possibility becoming physical. It is already real if it exists in your mind. Through being aware of the signs communicating with you and actively following step by step actions, dreams become reality. This only works if you are receptive to the directions that inspire, excite, and pull you to what you desire.


Naturally, our survival instincts desire security and comfort. But you must also trust that you will ultimately be provided for through taking risks for yourself - even when you cannot see the security at the end of the tunnel. You just have to trust. Any time that I’ve ever been low on resources of any kind, something always comes through because I’ve remained open spiritually. Know that you are a force who can attract anything to serve your pure intentions. As you mature in this aspect of your connection to abundance, you will equally develop more strategies to generate multiple flows in your life. Resources and support will magnetize to you. The seemingly ordinary opportunities will become virtuous. People you’ve genuinely interacted with will become networks. And nothing changes but your perception and awareness of what is available. Your creativity must be cultivated to transform accessible options into a step closer to your goals. This is foundational to knowing how to manage when you do have more. The latter is being a slave to your desires: giving them the power to control or block when you produce your brilliance. Resourcefulness has long been a tool to make more manifest naturally for Black people. It is intuitive to our ability to not only survive, but thrive as creative beings.


The reason why generosity is important to attract resources is because you get the energy you put out. This is one of the 7 Laws of the Universe: As within, so without. As above, so below. Being generous with pure intent, meaning being detached to the outcome, is a form of being unattached to Earthly possessions, which is one way of having a lighter heart. The opposite, holding tight to objects circulates back as well. The one who hoards in order to feel safe, agrees and volunteers to not have space for new. Be it energy, perspective, or something physical - packing light opens you up for more prosperity to flow into your life. But first, become clear on how wealth and prosperity feel and appear to you.


While the most apparent form of wealth is money/financial security, the more subtle forms of wealth are equally, if not more important like your energy and time, your freedom to understand and cultivate your skills and gifts, opportunities to practice those gifts, your self love and worthiness, your mental clarity, your ability to expand, travel, and explore, & your healthy relationships. These are all forms of abundance, prosperity, and wealth without stagnating the attention to just money. Being helped is a form of abundance generated by vulnerability. A lot of people shy away from being helped or asking for help out of inherited pride or shame, but the fact is - everyone is worthy of receiving help or aid in the areas we need. Self awareness in this area guides us to not become opportunistic or establish patterns of constantly seeking support outside of ourselves (codependency).


It helps to look around you and create from what you have. Whether the intention may be to get rid of excess things and start fresh, or to create a rich foundation through knowing you have enough. Know that resourcefulness is genius in itself as a foundation to begin creating something new. Know that this power exists within you because it flows through us genetically & historically. Know that you deserve to live in abundance, whatever that looks like for you. Peace.


-Uchechi, designer + owner of Weaving Artisan

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